Thursday, April 3, 2014



OK, in re-reading Part I, it's obvious that there is nothing more boring than reading a story with a writer (especially a braggart) as the lead character!

But, this is about writing & it's my assumption no one else is REALLY reading this, so here's part II...

The winning script was completed at a 48-hour retreat put on by the good folks (Signe & Bob) at the Great American Pitchfest (GAPF).

The setting was inspiring for a spooky thriller: the haunted hotel where Stephen King wrote "The Shining" in the Colorado Rockies.

To capitalize on the weekend's theme, I decided to set aside all my historical story projects and work on an idea for a paranormal thriller I'd outlined one weekend after learning about a heartbreaking unsolved murder.

With screenwriting guru Pilar Alessandra to guide us through a day of exercises to get us going, a group of dedicated writers sat in an old room filled with ghost-like vibes, and eked out our outlines and several pages, then for the next two days we wrote...and wrote. Two of us completed our scripts while everyone went away with a strong start.

About a month later we all converged on GAPF to pitch our now complete and polished projects. I had lots of requests.

The next month I took my story to my private critique group and they tore it to shreds. I took the notes to heart and made revisions then entered a couple of contests, just to get more outside feedback.

The feedback was helpful, so I made more revisions/tweaks and entered several contests, again just hoping for feedback & MAYBE a placement.

Apparently those final revisions did the trick. The script has done well in all but one of those contests, winning the grand prize at StoryPros.


Now back to the historical stuff that really floats my pirate boat...