Monday, August 3, 2015

The Treasure Galleons is now a REEL Novel

If you haven’t heard, I’ve had a career shift from music to screenwriting (and editing). Several of my screenplays have won awards, but only Hollywood readers get to read them. So I decided to adapt my latest award-winning screenplay into a book, and now...

I’m PUBLISHED! My books are the first titles with Reel Novels Publishing, a unique new publishing imprint for screenwriters.

Last week, I had a great book launch at the book signing with other 1715 fleet authors in Vero Beach where the 300-year anniversary of the story’s true events took place. More book signings are in the works.

This is NOT about making money; it’s about the number of sales. Thus, the retail prices are as low as possible. The more books sold to individuals, the more attractive to a potential investor &/or production company to get the movie made!

Please get your copy ASAP & tell your friends & associates!

All versions of the books are available for the lowest prices from the publisher (w/author signature) at:

The Treasure Galleons (in COLOR):

The true, award-winning story about a general’s son who must confront pirates, cannibals and an angry king after a hurricane devastates the family’s fleet carrying $400 million in Spanish treasure.

  • A FAST read (175 pages) with 49 full-color images of original artwork! This historical adventure is suitable for all ages, but the reading level is best for 5th grade & up (a lot of Spanish words thrown in). The book version was written in ONE WEEK! But the original story took 6 months of development as a screenplay (+ years of research). Sales of this book all go to making the movie a reality.
  • Be sure to purchase the COLOR version!


A Song for Treblaya:

The fate of a kingdom rests on the young shoulders of a peasant girl and her love for a hellion whose disregard for the Testament Scrolls may lead to their permanent annihilation.

  • A longer read (431 pages). This Christian/fantasy/adventure/romance is suitable for high schoolers & up. Started in 1988, this took 4 years to complete & is published under my pseudonym (TK Blackburn). 2015 is its first publishing! Again, this isn’t about making money. It’s about making the story available to anyone interested.
  • The B&W version will do:

For international delivery, buy from other Amazon vendors:
The Treasure Galleons:
A Song for Treblaya:

Once you’ve bought your version of either book, be sure to register at the link in the back of the book. You’ll be notified of any book revisions & upcoming titles. My award-winning thriller Evangelina will be published in early Fall 2015.

TK Blackburn, author


The Treasure Galleons:

A Song for Treblaya: