Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A "Gross" Ghost in a Misty Forest

New stuff happening, has happened, will happen.

Screenplays have been completed!

Novels are underway. Non-fiction bios are outlined and ready to go.

But it's not just all about ME and MY projects. It's about other people's work these days.

The more screenplays and books I proof, edit and analyze, the more people I meet who want more help. And I've found I have a knack for seeing the forest despite the trees - when I look at other people's work.

Of course I continue to be blind to the forest when looking at my own trees, so my own work is much more slow going. But that's OK.

We all think we can fix other people's work, but it's not usually true. We often look at something that needs fixing & we end up imposing our own ideas on it.

I would have a lot of ticked clients if I were doing that. What I've been doing is looking at the work before me as completely belonging to its original creator, and figuring out how it can be reshaped to truly meet that creator's vision.

Thus, more "ghost writing" work has come my way, and I must say that I enjoy SOME of it. I've turned down more than I've taken so far. There does need to be a gelling of minds for ghost writing to work. But all of these special requests have sparked the need to expand my range of services, and there's a bunch of new stuff on the horizon.

So, meet Tammy Gross - Proofreader, Writer, Analyst, Ghost Writer AND "other" (watch for updates to the sites...)

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