Wednesday, September 3, 2014

History in the Making

More to come, but let's just say things have gotten interesting since my last post. Four of my screenplays all garnered new interest this past week. That means I have four screenplays to look at with fresh eyes & do some rewrites. That means, as usual, very little time to devote here.

EVANGELINA - A multi-award-winning feature based on true events. A traumatized teen, who is either crazy or psychic, tries to help the victim of an unsolved murder to find peace.
more awards info:

UNDER THE WILLOW - A short version of the touching true story of Chicago's strategic & spiritual importance at the dawn of the Civil War. A troubled young man finds purpose for his life when he joins the cause for God & country.

A PIRATE'S CHOICE - An award-winning short about the humble beginnings of a later-to-be famous pirate in the early 18th century.

THE TREASURE GALLEONS - The epic true story of Florida's Treasure Coast... A family endeavors to bring treasure from New Spain to the king in Old Spain despite pirates, mutiny, a hurricane, family tragedy, & much more.

Gotta get to work on ’em, but I'll be back with updates...

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