Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Treasure Galleons - the script - the book - the mini-series!

It's official. The Treasure Galleons is a BOOK!

After winning 8 (actually 9, but I must keep the latest win under wraps for now) awards, including 2 wins, the screenplay has been adapted into a very colorful novella. Chock full of original paintings by the talented Peggy Gross (my mommy), it also sports a wonderful cover painting by Cornish painter Ralph Curnow. The painting also marks the midpoint of the story.

You can order now, or better yet, get your SIGNED PAPERBACK at the wonderful book signing event Monday, July 27th at the very spot where the events happened exactly 300 years ago (Vero Beach, FL).

Hope to see you, but if I don't, be sure to order that ebook. The more copies distributed, the more likely it WILL be made into a MOVIE (or a mini-series)!!

Thanks for your support!

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